About Us

Transforming Life Counseling Center was started to provide counseling services at affordable rates within the community and assist clients in their search for wholeness in life. Founded on principles that value the best in clinical practice while also integrating Christian faith perspectives, Transforming Life Counseling Center wants to assist the Christian faith community by encouraging honest exploration of issues in people's lives which prevent full functioning in interpersonal relationships, work and other domains of life. Our expectation and hope is that client's lives will be transformed by their honest self-examination.

Fees You Can Afford

Transforming Life Counseling Center desires that all who need counseling services can attain the counseling at fees that they can afford. Through use of Counselor Interns and Candidates for Licensure, fees can be as low as $25 per session. We also have licensed staff providing services at fees consistent with the community standards. Many insurance companies reimburse for counseling and psychological services. Clients referred by their church may receive discounted services if they have no insurance.