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Surviving The Holidays

Tuesday, December 19, 2017
by Caleb Scoville MS, LPC Growing up, I never understood what was meant by the idea that Holidays could be difficult. I sort of understood the stress of siblings fighting over presents but could not fathom the notion that the holiday season could be emotionally difficult. Then, as most of us do, I suffered a loss in my life. When you search for “surviving the holidays” on G ... Read More

What is your “Buddy Holly?”

Friday, October 06, 2017
By Kevin Tutty, MA, LPC A couple of months ago, my wife decided to expand our son’s horizons to include classic Rock and Roll. It started when my 7year-old didn't know who Elvis Presley was, so she decided to introduce both of them to “The King.” Then, she wanted to continue, so next was Buddy Holly. I didn’t think Buddy Holly music was my kind of music necessarily, but it grew on m ... Read More

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