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The 6 Myths of Christian Sex

Thursday, May 17, 2018
By Brandon Schmidt, LMFT (Part 2 of 2 Articles on “Christian Sex”.See our blog on ( for Part 1 of this article, which came out in our most recent Newsletter) The 6 Myths (Lies) About Christian Sex That Should Be Dropped From Our Vocabulary NOW! Myth #1: Sex is DIRTY! Do you know how most conversations on sex start?With a lo ... Read More

The 6 Myths of Christian Sex

Friday, March 02, 2018
By Brandon Schmidt, LMFT (Part 1 of 2 Articles on “Christian Sex”) I know what you are thinking… “What is Christian Sex and how is it any different from normal sex?” Here’s the problem, our culture is already saturated with ideas on sex and sexuality. Most of these ideas fit a secular worldview (a view not grounded in Scripture), so we need a firm, biblical foundation on sex an ... Read More

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