Career Counselingand Development

Making a career decision is often a complex task, involving a persons individual characteristics such as values, interests, skills, personality attributes, decision-making style, career maturity, and a variety of other issues.
Vernon G. Zunker & Debra S. Osborn

Career Counseling & Development

  • Intake Interview: Identify the clients needs for career development and life role functioning.
  • Assessment Inventories: Assess the clients skills, aptitudes, interests, values, achievements, personality characteristics, and vocational maturity.
  • Career Counseling: Discover the clients uniqueness and individuality by collaborating with the client;
    • Goals
    • Obstacles
    • Assets for Securing Goals
    • Beliefs About Problem Resolution and Counseling
    • Action Already Taken
    • Feelings
    • Learning Style
    • Goal Impediments