Career Counselingand Development

Making a career decision is often a complex task, involving a persons individual characteristics such as values, interests, skills, personality attributes, decision-making style, career maturity, and a variety of other issues.
Vernon G. Zunker & Debra S. Osborn

Bill Spence, M.S., LPC, has over 20 years of experience in Human Resources with four different industries ranging from Fortune 100 companies to mid-sized family owned companies. Spence was a college recruiter for 10 years working with over 40 colleges and universities in the mid-west and south-west regions. Spence is currently an Adjunct Professor at Southern Nazarene University where he teaches Career Counseling and Career Development in the MSCP graduate program. Spence utilizes his human resources, business and professional counseling experience to assist individuals in selection of career choices. He works with students seeking their first career choice, as well as individuals that have been out-placed by downsizing, mergers or are in need of a career change.

Career Counseling & Development

  • Intake Interview: Identify the clients needs for career development and life role functioning.
  • Assessment Inventories: Assess the clients skills, aptitudes, interests, values, achievements, personality characteristics, and vocational maturity.
  • Career Counseling: Discover the clients uniqueness and individuality by collaborating with the client;
    • Goals
    • Obstacles
    • Assets for Securing Goals
    • Beliefs About Problem Resolution and Counseling
    • Action Already Taken
    • Feelings
    • Learning Style
    • Goal Impediments