Worried about a Friend or Family Member
Struggling with alcohol and or a drug problem?

Can I Recognize Signs of an Alcohol & or Drug Problem in Someone I Care About?

Please check all that apply: ("using" means abusing a prescription drug, alcohol or illegal drug)

"Using" to calm nerves, forget worries or boost a sad mood
Guilt about using
Cannot cut down or stop using
Lying about or hiding using habits
Causing harm to oneself or someone else as a result of using
Needing to use increasingly greater amounts in order to achieve the desired effect
Feeling irritable, resentful, or unreasonable when not using
Medical, social, family or financial problems caused by using
Using in risky situations such as before driving or unwanted/unprotected sex

If you check any of the circles above, please consider talking with a licensed therapist
who specializes in addiction counseling. Help is available both for you, your family
member or friend.

I would like the opportunity to talk with some one (click here).

If you think a friend or family member may have an alcohol/drug problem:

  • Let them know you care and want them to get help.
  • Let your friend or family member know that risky drinking and drugging may lead tomore severe problems.
  • Don't make excuses for the person using such as calling in to work sick for them because of a hangover.
  • Be specific. Tell the friend or family member that you are concerned about his or her using and want to support them in getting help. Back up your concern with examples of the ways in which their using has caused problems for both of you, including the mostrecent incident.

Speak to a licensed professional who specializes in an intervention. (click here).

Do you belong to an organization interested in Substance Abuse? (click here).

Where you can get help:
Transforming Life Counseling Center
(405) 246-LIFE (5433)

Reach-out hotline: 1-800-522-9054
Teen Line: 800-522-TEEN (8336)
HIV: 800-525-2437

For Support:
Al-Anon: 1-800-344-2666
Alcoholics Anonymous: 1-212-870-3400
Narcotics Anonymous: 1-818-773-9999